“I have been working with individuals, couples and families for 15 years. Since we are all very unique, I utilize what I know to be the best practice for the individual and family I am working with. I realize that each client may reach his goals by a different path. I’ll try to walk that path with you. One of the great gifts that I can bring to counseling is helping people connect with the true spirit of themselves.”

Stephanie Little Brave

As an experienced counselor, she has developed much strength in the practice of families, adolescents who are struggling with school and their family, and with individuals who are seeking resolution from traumatic experiences.  Stephanie Uses an eclectic approach which involves drawing from professional training, psychodynamic therapy, gestalt, narritive therapy. Stephane also is in the process of becoming a certified in EMDR  through EMDRIA.

Stephanie is also a registered yoga teacher and is focused on balance, attunement to others, centeredness and peaceful resolution of conflict.  “I have learned to appreciate how I can bring my grounded presence and awareness to the sometimes-chaotic dynamics that arise in a family or with couples and individuals”.  As an yoga teacher, I have learned to meet people where they are at in their process, which has inhanced my practice as a clinical therapist.

One of my favorite aspects of counseling is being part of the process of personal and spiritual growth in each couple, family, and individual that I work with.

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