In-home Therapy

Services are available and are provided in the family’s home and community in a manner designed to improve individual and family functioning within the context of the family’s cultural, racial, ethnic and religious traditions. Services focus on promoting family competence through building on strengths and the family’s own resources and connections with the belief that the family is the fundamental resource for the nurturing of children and that parent should be supported in their efforts to care for their children.

In-home Therapy details:

Three to six months of therapy is recommended, extended therapy is available.


Active treatment focuses on:

  • Educational intervention aimed at understanding family roles.
  • Identifying families’ behavioral assets and strengths
  • Providing family-centered services according to the families’ individualized needs:

* Family therapy

* Individual therapy

* Communication skills

* Anger management

* Parenting education

* Child development

* Nutrition

* Resource acquisition

* Networking

* Fiscal and home management


Intensive in-home therapy is available for families whose children are experiencing social, emotional and behavioral difficulties. These children, ages 2 to 17, are experiencing significant difficulties at home, in school and in the community.


Collaborating with parents in the home setting to improve family functioning and help children develop strategies that will enable them to live together enjoyably. During this time, consultations with school staff and other agencies involved with the family  in order to coordinate care across settings and identify other resources.

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