Individuals, couples and families


Choosing a therapist is a important decision. Wether the decision is for yourself, as a couple, or a family, it can be life saving.

Family therapy is a process that all members must collaboratively work on together and individually. Each member has their own personal life history that can navigate how they make decisions and respond or react to different situations. Family Systems therapists view problems within the family as the result not of particular members’ behaviors, but of the family’s group dynamic, meaning no one person is singled out as “the target problem”. The family is seen as a complex system having its own language, roles, rules, beliefs, needs and patterns. The therapist helps each individual member understand how their childhood family operated, their role in that system, and how that experience has shaped their role in the current family.
Couples therapy is for couples who want to enrich their relationship. Relationships can struggle and fail due to;  neglect in nurturing communication, getting stuck in patterns that are not serving the relationships higher level of functioning, and lack of understanding. Understanding the deeper reasons under the reactions, response or decisions of your partner can bring healing and offer a more intimate union between two people. Spending time on how your childhood history, including; roles, responsibilities, and the myths you believed about yourself growing up, affects the way you navigate your life today. Becoming aware and mindful of these patterns with your partner and their patterns will calm the storms and allow for better communication between you and allow healing.
Individual therapy is a safe place to explore who you are and why you are doing what you’re doing. By exploring yourself you can make choices to create new path ways and strengthen or let go of the old ones . If you find yourself stuck in certain areas of your life and cannot seem to move forward, individual therapy might be a good place to look at the under lying issues that are creating the blocks. In many cases people have suffered from trauma and loss and hold it at such deep levels that they are unaware of the impact it has on their day to day life. Some people are well aware of the trauma and are uncertain about how to relieve the overwhelming thoughts and images that can go with trauma which create symptoms such as anxiety and depression.
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